Dearest Readers,

I’ve been busy blogging to you about my beauty lifestyle… in the past, I’ve put my husband and kids first.  That is a great thing, BUT it meant, I had the housework done, the food planned out, the groceries shopped for and organized, the laundry done and everyone wore their pants only once.  Which left me last, being last is in the past!  I am done being a martyr mom and taking a little for myself.

Now I am taking time to go on walks, eating healthy, I tend to think low carb is a great way to eat, but I admit I am craving carbs all the time and love to use my crockpot.    I’ve also learned to rotate my schedule so the housework gets done but not all at the same time.  I’ve come to realize that I need to show my kids that they are worthy by being worthy myself.  How I treat myself is how they will treat themselves, and as you guessed, I want the very best for them. 

I really had to use this rotation system when I was going to school nights to finish my Bachelor’s in the Humanities.  It used to break my heart to leave girl2004 with daddy while I went 4 nights a week but it paid off, I got my degree in September 2005!!

 In August 2006 I became a Stallholder for Barefoot Books.  If you shop through my personal link, I receive a 20% commission… if you shop via catalog it is more but obviously we can not do that if I don’t know you personally.  If you are in the market for beautiful children’s (ages 0-12) books please look into this line.  My goal is to focus on fundraising in my area and online, not necessarily to sell books… however, they are great products, if you’d like some recommendations feel free to email me.

Being a mom, I can’t help going back to my three kids.  Boy2001 just started kindergarten and is thriving, he’s very laid back and goes with the flow!!  Girl2004 is happy and always smiling, she is full of life and has a strong voice that I hope she will grow into.  Girl2006 is almost ready to walk, she is standing alone and always laughing when we speak to her.  All three are adorable and sweet and make it worth getting up in the morning. 

I think beauty is important, but only because I am with these three people every day of my life.  They’ve inspired me to care about myself, if I wasn’t special, why would I have been gifted with their care? 


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